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Hong Seon Jang, Second Street Gallery, a maze
Hong Seon Jang, a·maze (detail), 2013, vinyl tiles, pedestals, dimensions variable.

Hong Seon Jang  Untitled
Second Street Gallery
September 6, 2013 – October 26, 2013

Second Street Gallery, a nonprofit (501(c)3) artspace, is committed to offering Charlottesville and the central Virginia region leading-edge new art in perspective and context, and to fostering an active and open appreciation of this art by directly engaging the issues surrounding works by the best contemporary artists in the field.

SSG’s primary mission is to enliven Virginia through access to the best in contemporary art and artists and to inspire new ways of thinking, seeing, and doing. To this end, SSG promotes contemporary artists through the presentation of their work in a professional gallery and encourages an appreciation of contemporary art and culture by educating the public through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, classes, tours, and publications.


David B. Smith Gallery was thrilled to participate in the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami, Florida this past week. The gallery featured works by Laura Ball, Christina Empedocles, Gregory Euclide, Paul Jacobsen, Hong Seon Jang, Kris Lewis, and Michael Theodore.  A few works are still available and a selection of exhibited works can be viewed on our PULSE Miami exhibition page.  Please contact the gallery to inquire about availability.

Hong Seon Jang, David B. Smith Gallery, Labyrinth Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition catalogue for Labyrinth at the David B. Smith Gallery
May 4th – June 16th, 2012

Hong Seon Jang: Labyrinth
Softcover, 10 x 7-1/4 inches, 80 pages, 45 color images
With contribution by  Dr. JP Park, PhD, Department of Art History at the University of Colorado Boulder

Published by David B. Smith Gallery, 2012
Printed and bound in the United States
ISBN 978-0-9857418-0-8

$30  Available for purchase via our online store

The Next Web, Hong Seon Jang, David B. Smith Gallery

This Artist Made a City Out of Movable Type
The Next Web, Harrison Weber
May 16, 2012

Type City, a “metropolis created from moveable type” as NOTCOT calls it, was built by NY-based artist Hong Seon Jang. As you can see in the images below, the feat shows a true love for art, architecture and typography, with quite spectacular results.

Modern moveable type consists of independent characters and ligatures, which from there are assembled into words and then lines of text with a composing stick. Then, everything is bound together into a page image known as a forme.

Yes, computers are wonderful and make this entire process wildly easier — but there is something special about the results that come from a proper letterpress.”

Inhabitat, Hong Seon Jang, David B. Smith Gallery

Artist Creates Epic Cityscapes Using Vintage Letterpress Pieces
Inhabitat, Lori Zimmer
May 16, 2012

“From afar, Hong Seon Jang’s sculptural cityscapes look like models from a city planner’s office. But upon closer inspection, we can see that eachrising building and skyscraper is capped with a letter of the alphabet! The mini metropolises are in fact meticulously arranged conglomerations of disused typesets.

Jang’s Type City is part of a solo show of the artist’s work at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, Colorado. The letterpress and wood sculpture stretches just two feet by 11 inches, but rises to 14 inches.  Despite the small volume, a massive amount of tinydisused metal pieces were used to build up the incredible relief.

Type City offers a birds-eye view of a city by the sea. Jang has used the letterpress pieces to create the city’s shoreline, complete with long docks that jut into the water. Grids of streets and low apartment buildings and business are made from small pieces, or longer ones places horizontally. Clusters of skyscrapers spring up in the “downtown” area near the water’s edge. The longer pieces stand up vertically, and the raised letters on their roofs give away their former use.

Type City’s incredible detail harkens the era of miniaturists, which coincidentally are related to the era when letterpresses were commonly used to print newspapers, books and other reading materials. Jang ironically uses the remnants from an obsolete vintage process to create the sprawling metropolis of modern times.”

Colossal, Hong Seon Jang, David B. Smith Gallery

A Miniature City Built with Metal Typography
Colossal, Christopher Jobson
May 14, 2012

“Type City is a recent artwork by artist Hong Seon Jang that uses pieces of movable type from a printing press to create an elaborate cityscape. It’s fascinating to watch as the need for printed books and typography wanes, the unused objects themselves are more frequently used as an actual medium….”

Lower East Side Printshop, Hong Seon Jang

Editions ’12
Exhibition Opening and Catalogue Launch
Thursday, May 10, from 6-8 pm | Exhibition on view May 10 – July 8, 2012

With a catalogue essay by Roberta Waddell, a renowned print expert and former Curator of Prints at the New York Public Library, the catalogue and exhibition feature new works created by recipients of the Printshop’s Special Editions and Publishing Residencies: Hong Seon Jang, Jennie C. Jones,  Darina Karpov, David Kramer, and Enoc Perez.