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Paul Jacobsen’s upcoming exhibition at the gallery, Orgone, is featured in the March issue of American Art Collector. The exhibition, which opens Thursday, March 28, includes a series of largescale paintings, as well as charcoal drawings.

From American Art Collector:
Jacobsen strives to build upon the German romantics or Hudson River School artist and the Pre-Raphaelites who questioned the legitimacy and value of technology. While maintaining the Hudson River School theory that America’s landscape was a “new Eden,”—pristine, untouched beauty—Jacobsen creates his landscapes questioning the necessity for technology and industrialization.

Throughout Laura Ball’s exhibition Minotaur, her work has been featured by various publications, including the February issue of Harper’s Magazine, the December issue of American Art Collector Magazine and the January issue of BL!SSS Magazine.

In addition, the exhibition has received online coverage, including Juxtapoz Magazine, Hi Fructose Magazine, and Complex Magazine. Arrested Motion’s coverage features wonderful photos by Gavin McGlynn of the exhibition installed at the gallery.